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we have a plan...

Let's talk...

Step 1:
Consultation & Planning

No two websites are the same for us. Each and every website we take on is looked at with fresh eyes and a perspective driven by your requirements and ruminations.

So grab a coffee and muffin, let’s talk it out.

Early conversations are vitally important to make sure we’re on the same page. This is the time to nail down technical and functional requirements. It’s the time to talk about design aesthetics. It’s the time to think about the goals users want to achieve when browsing your new website.

All aboard? Let’s get going...

Let's get visual...

Step 2:
Website Design

It’s time to play and create. Here’s where everything we chatted about in the Consultation & Planning stage takes shape and forms a personality.

We put a lot of thought into the web design stage – there’s no pin the tail on the donkey here! Key information which needs to appear on the website is laid out. The hierachy of elements to best help users achieve goals is sweated upon. We mull over cool tricks and technologies that can be served up to enhance the user experience.

So it looks like a website, now we just needs to work like one too...

Bring it to life...

Step 3:
Development & Launch

Here’s where we pop on the coke bottle glasses, tuck into pizza and let our true geekiness really hang out.

We’re up to our eyeballs in deliciously handwritten, custom code. We make up markup, jam with databases, get jiggy with jQuery and test, test, test.

We polish for intuitively, play with functionality and test, test, test.

We populate with content, we cross check browser compatibility and – you guessed it – we test, test, test. It’s a real lark.

Then when you’re happy, we’re happy. It's time to pop the bubbles, launch the website and go live!

Grow it...

Step 4:
Maintenance & Improvements

We’re not the type to launch a website then head to the pub. Maybe back in the dark ages of the internet it was fine to launch a site, leave it be, allow it to wallow untouched for a few years before repeating the whole redevelopment process.

Not these days. The web is a dynamic, constantly evolving place. Web users expect fresh content. They want to feel they have the latest and greatest information, news and deals at their fingertips.

We build sites which grow and morph as your organisation evolves and user needs change. The launch of a website is just the beginning for us.

Want to get webby with us?

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