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Hutt Street Centre

When our heads hit the pillow at night we like to think that we are in some small way doing good in the world, or at least supporting someone who is.

The folks at Hutt Street Centre are the greatest bunch of good-doers (as opposed to do-gooders) that we have ever seen. Each year Hutt St Centre serves around 50,000 meals and offers social work and support services to nearly 2,000 people.

Located in the South-Eastern corner of Adelaide, they are a haven for homeless and generally vulnerable folks who are doing it tough.

Sleeping hard is a fact of life for more people than you might imagine in Adelaide, whether it is in the parklands or abandoned buildings and boarding houses.

Hutt Street Centre approaches the needs of these people in a way that not only seeks to ensure their safety but also strives to maintain their humanity and sense of social inclusion.

With little to no funding they provide a healthy meal (the amount of people they can feed for $350 in a day is nothing short of remarkable), a hot shower, secure storage and laundry facilities. That's just fundamental logistics though - on top of this they have visiting health professionals, an aged city living program for older clients, recreation activities, education and training opportunities, legal aid and assistance with finding housing.

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Karmabunny provides free website design and application development services to Hutt Street Centre in the hope that we can help to get their message out and improve their fund raising abilities.

Please find out more about Hutt Street Centre, take part in their Angel for a Day program or make a donation today.
I can guarantee that your money will be going towards a genuine, front line agency, making a real difference for Adelaide's most vulnerable people.

Darren Coulter
Karmabunny Pty Ltd

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