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To further enhance the reach of our clients online presence, Karmabunny can assist with eMarketing campaigns. Our eMarketing services include eNewsletter campaigns, banner ads and social media assistance to complement your organisations existing advertising strategies.

Personalised & Targeted Content

When a user visits your website it is possible to create an anonymous profile of that visitor. Anonymous in the sense that we don't truly know who they are (at least not in that first visit) but a profile of what they spent their time looking at can be tracked and saved into a local data cache.

When this vistor returns, it is possible to keep adding to this profile, eventually forming quite an accurate picture of their interests on your website.

If this same individual then visits your website after clicking on an email you have sent them, we are able to learn something else about them - what their email address is.

Geolocation based content

When a user hits your site one of the things that is mostly available to us is their ip address.

We can look up this ip address in a geo ip table and establish roughly where it is in the world. One of your goals may be to increase leads or direct sales to customers in other states or countries.

Identifying a user's location will allow you to create specific business rules for  loading targeted banners, articles or lead promotional items.

Leveraging Data

There can be certain areas on the website that can be made to be reactive to these profiles, effectively personalising content to draw engagement.

This might be top level banners, popups, secondary promotions... even the order that we display ticketing options on a page.

An engine can be built that automates this process looking at interests and relating them to how your content is tagged.

The end result is more targeted content delivery which results in increased conversion.

The other impactful area is around marketing campaigns and segmented promotional email delivery. It will be possible (for example) to generate a list of email addresses that have specifically spent time viewing key areas of your website. You will even know specifically what pages they have looked at. This will make your email campaigns a lot more effective as you will be able to create multiple variations based on these data segments.

This data can also be effective in creating more focused facebook and google ads campaigns.

This is not a simple task, and it does take a few months to yield meaningful results but we have seen it be very effective in the travel sector.

What our clients are saying

Karmabunny's tone of work, in particular personal interaction and guidance, is understated and thereby stands out and is very effective. From a client perspective, I found it first rate.

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