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To further enhance the reach of our clients online presence, Karmabunny can assist with eMarketing campaigns. Our eMarketing services include eNewsletter campaigns, banner ads and social media assistance to complement your organisations existing advertising strategies.


Tailored eNewsletter campaigns provide measurable and proven results, taking your current marketing campaigns to another level. Promote new products, shoutout latest news and events, send out event invitations, surveys and questionnaires.

eNewsletter statistics are easily tracked with read and click-through rates available for post-campaign analysis. Click-throughs from email to website can then be monitored to further measure the actions of email recipients.

The benefits of E-Marketing Campaigns include:

  • Speed: messages are delivered straight to the recipients' inboxes, instantly
  • Reach and Penetration: overcomes geographical parameters that exist with other communication methods
  • Ease and Efficiency: messages can be distributed to multiple recipients at the click of the mouse
  • Low Cost: requires minimal investment to set up an appropriate technical system
  • Targeted: allows you to target specific recipient groups and reach a defined, engaged audience.

Social Hub

Essentially a constantly updating stacked grid of social activity surrounding the event and it's participants.

This hive of activity would be constantly (and automatically) updating with social traffic from multiple feeds and could also load up posts from other global users who have referenced your events via hashtag.

Visitors to this portal will be able to refine what they view by post type.

Post types currently supported include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

What our clients are saying

Karmabunny's tone of work, in particular personal interaction and guidance, is understated and thereby stands out and is very effective. From a client perspective, I found it first rate.

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