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Our content management system, SproutCMS 3.0 has now been released as an open source development platform. Read more about the release:

Official SproutCMS 3.0 website Download from GIT View development docs

Over 15 years in the making, SproutCMS puts you in control of your website. It allows people in your organisation to login and easily maintain, update, edit or delete content - no geeky coding skills required.

What can SproutCMS do?

More like what can't it do. Maintain your website, easy-peasy with these key features...

  • Full page management

    add, delete, rename and reorder web pages. Assign web pages to a parent page. Change the visibility of a web page for public viewing. Add metadata, redirects, template styles and more.
  • Manage website content

    add, delete and edit text, links, news articles, image and video galleries, documents and files. Safely paste content from Microsoft Word to maintain paragraph and character styles. You can even import a Word Document and SproutCMS converts it straight to a web page or even a whole section, presto!
  • Page revisions

    easily revert to a previous version of a web page. See the dates modified and which employee edited the live and all previous page versions.
  • Page permissions

    allow all employees or only certain admin groups to edit certain web pages.
  • Workflow approval on content

    group permissions to allow for an approval process when launching and editing web page content.
  • Auto launch and expiry dates

    set and forget content to go live (or be removed) with autolaunch revisions.
  • Page saving modes

    save and go live, save as a work in progress, save for approval to launch, save for autolaunch.
  • Content blocks

    customise web page content with a range of content blocks such as blog posts, rich text, image galleries, link lists, maps, sitemaps, social media feeds and video players. View our docs to learn how to develop your own content blocks. 
  • Advanced file manager

    quickly upload pdf, doc, xls files. Easily manage the whereabouts of files with categories in the Media Repository.
  • Advanced image manager

    quickly upload jpg, gif and png images. Easily manage the whereabouts of images with categories in the Media Repository.
  • Create password protected areas

    with the addition of the Users module you are able to create password pretected pages and sections on your website.
  • Advanced site-wide search

    search for content by content type (pages, articles, documents, etc) or tag.
  • Advanced document search

    index content directly from pdf and other document types to allow your visitors to search within your documents.

What's under the hood?

More than just a Content management system, SproutCMS is a flexible and feature rich application framework, enabling quick and agile custom development.
Core development features underlying the SproutCMS framework include:

  • Robust security models
  • Multi-site support
  • Multi-device support
  • Automated test suites
  • Custom workflow
  • Task logging
  • Automated events and background processing
  • W3C Standards compliant
  • Search engine friendly URLs

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